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Top 130+ Best Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions

Megan Thee Stallion has taken the music world by storm since emerging on the scene in 2015. As one of the pioneering voices of the hot girl movement, Meg’s lyrics celebrate strength, independence, and empowerment in a bold, unapologetic style that has resonated strongly with fans worldwide.

Beyond just catchy songs, her music addresses themes of feminism, se.xuality, resilience and reclaiming one’s narrative. Meg’s influential discography is full of empowering quotes and lyrics perfect for Instagram captions.

In this blog post guide, we’ve selected 130 of the best Megan Thee Stallion lyrics for captions across her albums and hit songs. Read on for inspirational captions guaranteed to heat up your feeds and spread Meg’s message of confidence.

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130+ Best Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions

Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Good News

  1. Don’t talk to me unless it’s about my booty
  2. I just need some good down
  3. Real hot girl shit, got these n****s shook
  4. I’m a freak baby, that’s the only way to describe me
  5. I do this shit just for fun
  6. I am not a slave, I never have been
  7. I just want some diamonds on, I need a hundred thou on me
  8. Hot girl coach, I can’t quit it
  9. My head game is fire punani done set the tone
  10. Three seconds in and out, you ain’t never made me cum

Megan Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Fever

I put him on freeze, he cooked like crispy wings - best megan thee stallion lyrics for captions
I put him on freeze, he cooked like crispy wings – best megan thee stallion lyrics for captions
  1. I put him on freeze, he cooked like crispy wings
  2. He tryna wife, a freak bad but I’m good
  3. You don’t wanna fly me out? Okay, now block me out
  4. I still make your bi/tch wet like Mayweather make me
  5. Woo, he tryna fuck me with no rubber
  6. He ain’t with the action he kinda basic
  7. I’m a savage, classy, bougie, ratchet
  8. I’m bout to call my hoes and tell them to meet me in Miami
  9. I need all eyes on me when I walk in the room
  10. Shorty wanna ball with the crew, that’s a goal, never settle

Best Megan Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Tina Snow

  1. Boy, stop playing with me ‘fore I turn you to a slave
  2. I bounce that, I shake that as.s for real
  3. Let me do my nails, big drip on my nails
  4. Woo baby, what’s the word from Fifth Ward
  5. I like my names, I like chain, I love starin’ at ice
  6. I do this big D town, U to the T to the A
  7. Okay bitc hes, game over, let me tell you how I feel
  8. I said, bow down bit-ches, bow down bit ches right now
  9. I gotta stay paid like overtime on a double time clock
  10. Pop it for a real one ’til I tell you to stop it
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Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Tina Snow Beefs & Versions

  1. These bit.ches take me for a joke, it’s so funny
  2. I see the world from the hood, I see exactly how they look
  3. All that gossip get them b itches killed, they betta pause
  4. Put em in they place, put em in their motherfuckin place bitc h
  5. I told them hoes ima show out and show off for sure
  6. All these bit ches trying to sound like me, I know it
  7. I’m rich, bit-ch, I make money
  8. Floyd Mayweather, roses really look at how I shark them
  9. I got these cowards shook, they scared of all my sauce
  10. I’m the one they all want

Megan Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Last Week in H-Town

I’m doin’ damage, these pu.ssy nas ain’t shit to me - megan thee stallion lyrics for instagram captions
  1. I’m doin’ damage, these pu.ssy n***as ain’t shit to me
  2. Lip gloss dripping from the head down to the toe
  3. Who? Megan, yeah, Megan Thee Stallion
  4. Had to drop that lil’ bopper back to show ’em how it go
  5. I’m the realest one, pinky ring, icicle, bulletproof
  6. Back it up ‘cause these bi.tches they be lyin’
  7. I done linked with Wiz, I done linked with Quavo too
  8. Can’t nobody else say it like I do
  9. I keep meters on me, so don’t run up, run your mouth
  10. What you talkin’ ’bout? You ain’t a real hot girl

Best Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from SUGA

  1. I’m Megan thee motherfuckin’ stallion
  2. Ladies in this bitc.h, pop yo’ pu.ssy like this (ew)
  3. Real hot b.itch move, hot mood, hot bitc.h groove
  4. Now you know your city gon’ feel it when I pull up with my crew
  5. I don’t fuck with no broke niggas you gotta have money to love me
  6. Real hot girl shit, better stop playin’ with me
  7. He want that good wood, pu.ssy so good make him go crazy
  8. I make these lil’ boys throw they money
  9. I’m gon’ pop my shit ’til each cheek look twice its size
  10. Oh, you like that shit? You gon’ respect it

Best Megan Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Big Ole Freak

Boy, I'm a big ole freak, you can put it on me baby
  1. Boy, I’m a big ole freak, you can put it on me baby
  2. I wanna keep you up all night fuck you ’til the daylight
  3. Let me wrap my thighs around your face, bae
  4. I need someone to cure my lazy eye
  5. I wanna take my time and savor every moment when I ride the pipe
  6. Hit it right and we be fucking for the whole night
  7. I ain’t no regular degular ho, I’m a bad b.itch
  8. You ain’t gotta go to work, you ain’t gotta do shit but fuck me good
  9. This pu.ssy bomb, atomic
  10. Shawty can get it with no makeup on face lookin like a model
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Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Savage

  1. Call me a savage, yeah, I go stupid dumb
  2. I’m a savage, classy, bougie, ratchet
  3. He pop it for a real one ’til he tell me to stop it
  4. Drop it down and pick it up, just like that
  5. Cash shit, make it jiggle, jiggle, jiggle
  6. The baddest bit ch lookin fly as a mf
  7. I’m a hype, hands on my knees, I’ma get low
  8. Megan body fine but I’m bossy with a attitude
  9. I stayed in the house man my body goin crazy
  10. Say what you want but I’m that bit ch like I’m QB, Beyoncé

Best Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Money Good

  1. I want them racks, I need the stacks
  2. I feel so rich, I feel so classy
  3. I ball when I walk, I go brazy
  4. I just want all my homies paid
  5. I just won the championship, Thugga pass the trophy
  6. Ice Wrists look like snow cones, freeze it before it melt
  7. Real hot girl shit, I’m about to pop
  8. I’m ’bout to call my hoes and tell ’em pull up to the bank
  9. Know you wanna fly me out, put some money in the bank for me
  10. Cash in my purse got commas

Best Megan Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Realer

  1. Real hot girl shit, I ain’t never gonna fold
  2. Gotta stay high, don’t need no phone charger
  3. I made a hundred stacks with my hands tied
  4. It ain’t even gotta be love, good that’s all that count
  5. I’m Megan Thee Stallion, H-Town hottie with some body
  6. You the realest bi tch I know
  7. I can pull up and fuck up the spot
  8. I’ma need like 10 racks to pop up on your block
  9. I got them thottiana ain’t no playin bout it
  10. I just hold onto my money, I don’t kiss as.s hold no grudges

Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from S e x Talk

  1. Let me tell him how I want my kitty ate
  2. You can hit it from the back while he stroke it from the front
  3. I done had s.e.x in the studio, on the beach and on a boat
  4. Put it right there, I don’t want my pu.ssy to breathe
  5. Take it from the back, from the side and from the front
  6. If it don’t make me then it was for nothin’
  7. Don’t stop until I say so, keep it comin’
  8. I wanna fuck you right back until you
  9. I’ma show you how I’m throwin’ this clit back
  10. I want that d.ick inside me til I cu.m
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Best Megan Stallion Lyrics for Captions from WAP

  1. I said certified freak, seven days a week
  2. Wet and gushy, juice like pulp
  3. Look, I need a hard hitter, need a deep sticker
  4. I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this little garage
  5. Beat it up, nigga, catch a charge
  6. Make it pull up for the winter, all summer, fall, all spring
  7. I don’t cook, I don’t clean but let me tell you how I got this ring
  8. This is wet, come take a dive
  9. I wanna see what you’re working with, come on
  10. There’s some whores in this house, there’s some whores in this house

Best Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics for Captions from Lick

  1. I paid for all this as.s, you know it’s worth it
  2. Take me to your wonderland, show me sugarland
  3. Swirl it around my little nub, you’re the taste tester
  4. Is you gonna eat it from the back ’til I’m screaming
  5. Back it up on my tongue, let me see you work it
  6. Beat it up ’til I’m nuttin’, show me why you love it
  7. Swipe your tongue across my slit, up and down it
  8. Now eat it good, make it soak, promise you’ll obey
  9. Make me scream ’til my legs close, don’t let me breathe
  10. Suck my clit ’til I’m squirting, lick it fast and slow

Wrapping Up

Through her empowering lyrics celebrating se.xuality, strength, and owning one’s narrative, Megan Thee Stallion has cemented herself as one of the most influential voices in popular culture today. This comprehensive selection of 130 of Meg’s best lyrics spans her acclaimed albums and hit songs, providing plenty of inspiration for empowering Instagram captions.

Whether celebrating one’s s.exuality, flaunting confidence, or spreading messages of resilience, Meg’s lyrics encapsulate the spirit of owning your truth unapologetically. They have clearly resonated strongly with her massive global fanbase. By spreading these quotes, readers can join in uplifting Meg’s ongoing advocacy for diverse expressions of femininity and prioritizing self-care.

Most importantly, selecting captions from Meg’s lyrics allows spreading her messages of empowerment to even wider audiences. It continues empowering more people, especially women and minorities, to feel proud in their skin beyond society’s narrow definitions. For that influential impact, Megan Thee Stallion deserves widespread recognition as one of today’s most pioneering voices in feminist music.

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