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200 Perfect Sick Captions For WhatsApp For All Sickness (2023)

Feeling under the weather? Want to let your friends and family know about your condition?

Look no further. We’ve compiled an amazing list of sick captions for WhatsApp that perfectly capture the essence of being unwell.

Let’s check them out

Sick Captions for WhatsApp for Common Cold

  • Sniffles and sneezes, that’s my life right now
  • Feeling cold? So is my immune system
  • Currently fighting the common cold – round 1
  • Cold vibes only, please

  • Battling the sniffles, one tissue at a time
  • Nose red, eyes watery – it’s just a cold, I swear
  • Sneeze, sniffle, repeat

  • Dear common cold, you’re not welcome here
  • When life gives you a cold, make hot tea
  • My nose is working harder than I am
  • Coughs and sneezes spread diseases – sorry, folks

  • Cold, but still cooler than you
  • This cold has me feeling ice-cold
  • Wrapped in a blanket burrito, fighting the cold
  • It’s cold season and I’m not winning

WhatsApp Sick Captions for Flu

  • Flu got me feeling blue
  • Stuck in flu land – send help
  • Flu season has officially arrived

  • Just a flu-tastic day
  • Fighting the flu, one sneeze at a time
  • Warning: Flu in progress
  • Flu fashion: PJs and messy hair

  • Achoo The flu’s got me too
  • Flu days are the worst days
  • Bedridden – thanks, flu
  • Flu vibes only

  • Flu, meet your match: me
  • I’ve got the flu, how about you?
  • Flu-ey and groggy
  • Flu season has claimed another victim

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Sick Captions for WhatsApp for Headaches

  • Headache: the unwanted guest
  • My head feels like it’s in a vice
  • Headache? More like head-ache
  • Warning: Headache in progress

  • Pounding head, pounding heart
  • This headache is splitting my world in two
  • Headaches – the ultimate party crasher
  • My head is playing its own drum solo

  • Dear headache, please take a hike
  • I’ve got a one-track mind, and it’s all about this headache
  • A headache a day keeps the fun away

  • Headache mode: activated
  • This headache has taken up permanent residence
  • Headache today, gone tomorrow (hopefully)
  • Headache – the silent enemy
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Sick Captions for WhatsApp when having Stomachaches

  • Stomachaches – the pits of life
  • Feeling queasy, and not in a good way
  • Stomachache? More like stomach-break

  • Bellyache blues
  • This stomachache is not what the doctor ordered
  • Gut feeling: not so great
  • Twisted tummy tales
  • My stomach is doing somersaults

  • This stomachache is cramping my style
  • Upset stomach, upset day
  • Tummy troubles – the worst kind

  • A bellyache by any other name would still hurt
  • When your stomach feels like a roller coaster

Sick Captions for WhatsApp when having Sore Throats

  • Sore throat? More like sore life
  • My throat feels like a desert
  • Swallowing is overrated, anyway
  • Sore throat – the ultimate conversation stopper

  • This sore throat is taking my voice hostage
  • Sore throats and silence – an unwanted duo
  • My throat feels like it’s on fire
  • Scratchy throat, scratchy day

  • Sore throat – the worst kind of surprise
  • It’s hard to swallow this sore throat
  • My throat is staging a rebellion

  • A sore throat by any other name would still hurt
  • Razor blades in my throat? Feels like it
  • This sore throat is stealing my voice
  • Feeling sore and scratchy

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WhatsApp Sick Cations when having Fever

  • Feverish and not in a disco way
  • Feeling hot and not the good kind
  • This fever is cooking me from the inside

  • Fever – the uninvited guest
  • Burning up from the inside out
  • Feeling feverish and not fabulous

  • When your body decides to be its own furnace
  • This fever is melting me away
  • Too hot to handle – literally

  • My body is a feverish battleground
  • Temperature’s rising, but my energy’s not
  • This fever is making me see stars

  • Fever – the ultimate party pooper
  • Sick of being sick. Can I get a refund on this body, please?
  • My immune system is currently taking an unauthorized vacation
  • The only thing I’m catching today is this cold

  • Flu fighter – armed with a hot cup of tea and a cozy blanket
  • Dear germs, it’s time to pack your bags and leave
  • Burning up with no dance floor in sight
  • Fever dreams and restless nights

Allergies Sick Captions for WhatsApp

  • Allergies – nature’s cruel joke
  • Sneezing my way through allergy season
  • Feeling itchy, watery, and sneezy
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  • Allergic to mornings and everything else
  • Allergies – the uninvited houseguest
  • Allergy season – the most wonderful time of the year?

  • Constantly fighting the allergy battle
  • Sniffling and sneezing – it’s allergy season
  • It’s not a cold; it’s just my allergies
  • My allergies are in full bloom

  • Allergies – the ultimate buzzkill
  • Wishing I could take a break from my allergies
  • When your body decides to turn on you – allergies

  • Allergic to everything, including being sick
  • Allergies – the gift that keeps on giving

WhatsApp Sick Captions for Fatigue

  • Exhausted and not in a good way
  • Running on empty
  • Dragging my feet through the day

  • I’m tired of being tired
  • Fatigue – the ultimate energy thief
  • Permanently feeling like I need a nap
  • Dragging myself out of bed – literally

  • Too tired for life right now
  • Energy? I don’t know her
  • When your body runs on low battery mode
  • This fatigue is weighing me down

  • Feeling like a zombie – tired and lifeless
  • Can I just sleep until I’m better?
  • This fatigue is never-ending
  • Running on fumes and fading fast

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Sick Captions for Stress and Anxiety

  • Stress is making me sick – literally
  • Anxiety is my least favorite companion
  • When stress takes a toll on your health

  • Feeling sick and stressed – what a combo
  • My anxiety is working overtime
  • Overthinking and under the weather

  • Stressed, anxious, and unwell
  • When your body says ‘enough is enough’ – stress
  • Anxious thoughts and aching body
  • Stress, please take a back seat

  • Feeling sick from the inside out – thanks, anxiety
  • When your mind won’t let you rest
  • Stressed and sick – a recipe for disaster
  • Anxiety and sickness – an unwelcome duo
  • Stress is taking a toll on my immune system

Sick Captions for Sleep Deprivation

  • Sleep deprivation – the ultimate health thief
  • I’ll sleep when I’m not sick
  • Can’t sleep, won’t sleep
  • Sleepless nights and sick days

  • When counting sheep doesn’t work
  • Running on zero sleep and feeling it
  • Insomnia is an unwelcome guest
  • Sick and tired of being awake

  • When your body craves sleep, but your mind won’t let you
  • Feeling sick from lack of sleep
  • No rest for the weary
  • Tossing and turning, but not getting better
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  • Wide awake and not feeling great
  • Sleep, where are you?
  • Desperately seeking sleep

Sick Captions for Body Aches

  • Aching all over and not in a good way
  • Feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck
  • Body aches – the ultimate reminder of being sick

  • Aching from head to toe
  • This pain is no gain
  • When your body feels like one big bruise
  • Body aches – a sign of a sick day

  • Feeling sore and sorry for myself
  • Every inch of me hurts
  • Aching and groaning – sick life
  • My body is screaming for relief

  • Pain, pain, go away
  • Can’t escape these body aches
  • Aching all over – send help
  • Body aches and a heavy heart

Sick Captions for General Illness

  • Feeling under the weather and over it
  • Not today, sickness. Not today
  • Being sick is so last season
  • Sick days are no fun

  • Can I just be healthy again?
  • When being sick feels like a full-time job
  • My body is on strike
  • Being sick is the worst kind of party
  • This illness is cramping my style

  • I’m sick of being sick
  • Send help, I’m sick
  • Fighting off germs like it’s my job
  • If only being sick came with a snooze button
  • Couch-bound and feeling down

Trustworthy Sick Captions for When You Need Empathy

We understand the need for empathy when you’re feeling sick. That’s why we’ve included a selection of trustworthy sick captions for WhatsApp that convey your vulnerability and need for support:

  • Cuddles and care packages needed, ASAP
  • If there’s one single thing I hate more than being sick, it’s feeling alone while I’m sick
  • Can someone come over and bring me soup? Pretty please?
  • Nothing like a cold to remind you how much you need your friends and family

Express Your Sick Mood in Style

No matter how you’re feeling, it’s important to express yourself in a way that reverberates with others.

With our expertly curated list of sick captions for WhatsApp, you can easily find the perfect words to share your mood with your loved ones. So go ahead, pick a caption, and let the world know how you’re feeling.

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